City Council

Candidates’ Positions on Desal Disaster

District 1

Rachel Ann Caballero ~ Questions Desal as Proposed. “I definitely need more access to information regarding this suggested initiative. I believe more research needs to be done with regards to the true need and why, the location of the plant, and the long term affect this will have on our bodies of water.”

Billy Lerma ~ Against Desal as Proposed. “I do not support the current plan. I do believe that that desalination is a good source of water for our city. I don’t believe that our tax payers should pay for the cost of this water source. Our city is very fortunate to have big Industry, that are willing to pay for this water source and place it at a different location that will not harm our Inner Harbor.

District 4

Kaylynn Paxson ~ Questions Desal as Proposed. “I’m not opposed to desalination technology. However, I’m not in support of moving forward with the current proposal until there has been sufficient communication and input from the community. Other options need to be fully examined so we can feel confident in selecting the best option that puts the community’s needs first, and is also responsible for our environment.”

Greg Smith ~ For Desal as Proposed. “Desal is an important source for future water supplies. I support using desal as a water source if it will be paid out of the industry funded drought surcharge and only when demand is 75% of our water supply. This follows current City policy and would not result in increased water prices to our ratepayers.”

The City Manager has admitted that desalination will increase water rates in the future. See Corpus Christi Caller-Times, October 14, 2020 linked here.